How To Quickly Get New Members Now

How to Quickly Get New Students NOW!

You can get new students quickly. It’s so simple. When it comes to marketing there’s only two ways; either spend a lot of money to get the results you want or you have to do Guerilla Marketing. That means you have to get out there hit the pavement and do the grind, do the work.
One of the quickest ways to get new students into your school is to set up a booth at any high traffic area. The purpose of a booth is to promote a product or service. One of the most powerful ways to get your school into the community is to become a purpose-driven booth. First, know your community events, know what’s going on and set up your booth accordingly. Make your booth exciting!
Tools to Include
• LED Spin Wheel
• Commercial Grade Bubble Machine
• Cotton Candy Machine (Professor’s idea)
• Face Painting
• Box of Uniforms
• Nylon String Bags
Have a box of uniforms and nylon string bags with your logo on them. These two items are very reasonably priced. Print a flyer and make the content consistent with the purpose of your event, which represents your cause.
The tragic shooting event that happened at Stoneman Douglas High School here in Parkland, Florida was devastating to our community. One thing we did was to set up our booths to raise money for the victims of the Stoneman Douglas shootings. We asked parents to donate $10 or $20 and receive 4 weeks of classes & uniform. It was a cause that touched the hearts of the community.
Basically, the $20 covers the cost of the uniform. An important aspect of this event is that after the parents purchase the offer, you put the uniform in the string bag and have the child put the bag on their back and now they are also advertising your school throughout the event.
When we do festivals, we generally sell 30 to 50 offers throughout the weekend. It’s important to remember that after each sell, make sure to schedule their first lesson, get their general information, give them a class schedule. Make sure to get their email and enter it into the Spark Minds software. Remember, Spark software has a built-in marketing infrastructure that has the landing page and the funnel builder that automatically does what you want it to do such as DRIP EMAIL CAMPAIGN.
The reason it is very important to have above tools in your booth is for ATTRACTION especially the children, because when the kids come who comes with them? Mom and Dad. You must set up the booth accordingly. It is an investment, an ROI, so you can’t afford not to have these tools to make your booth successful.
Things Not to Do
• There should be no chairs at the booth, because those working the booth will just want to sit down. Be on your feet in front of the booth ready to greet people coming up to you.
• Don’t just have a table and some flyers.

It’s All About Marketing
Marketing is a numbers game. If you talk to 50 people, you’ll get about 10 of them saying yes. You will increase the odds the more people you talk and make this offer to this will increase your ROI. It’s a sure way to get new students into your school right away. So, remember make your booth a purpose driven event. Fight for cancer or some other important cause and donate a small portion.
The 6-Week Introductory Program
The industry is focused on the 6-week introductory program. However, don’t wait until their 6 weeks is up to enroll them. Set up an incentive for them to enroll early. Make sure their first experience is positive and very exciting. Be sure to reinforce life skills, because you want to lift up emotions. Remember, people buy emotional wants not needs. After their first class we enroll them right away. They don’t even complete the 6-week Introductory. It’s a very simple process.
We make them an offer to become a regular member that day Instead of being a trial member, which doesn’t count toward advancement. Here is the breakdown of the offer will save them money:
• Apply $69 to first month’s tuition
• Waive enrollment fee
• Gear is free, gloves /needed for class (Plus what parent doesn’t want their child to not have what all other kids in class have)
• 30-day money back guarantee
There are two things you must do in getting your customers to buy your products or services. One, take away the RISK, and two, give SAVINGS. The 30-day money back guarantee builds security. Statistics show that with a 30-day money back guarantee very few people ever return the product.
It’s the small things that you implement that will make the difference in the performance of your school such as attendance and enrollment. When an event is purpose-driven and makes a difference, it will reach people’s heart. This gives you the opportunity to be involved in your community in a powerful way. Hope this has been an informative and added to your success

GrandMaster Cheong Park
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